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Who We Are

We are a group of the finest Technical and Functional Trainers aiming to be one the leading companies to help people excel in the Software Industry in the next two years. Our corporate trainers have extensive experience in all software technologies. They have worked for reputed MNC’s. Cliché, isn’t it? We promise to make you better, confident and deliver well professionally with tips and tricks, a bit and a tad bit of knowledge. For isn’t learning never-ending?

Why US?

At It Online Hub, We strong believe that one cannot learn if spoon-feed. Like Einstein said ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand’. We firmly believe in deconstructing the gigantic modules and presenting it in a simple fashion. It’s sad that people have to put across complex terminologies to scare off a layman. So, at It Online Hub, you grasp it on your own. Our goal is to prepare and provide good quality software professionals to full fill the market and business requirement.

TA-DA-DA!!! Why are we different?

If I were to describe my ‘corporate training’ experience, I’d say I felt dumb in the rat race to be honest. I felt sleepy. I hated classes with long duration. In fact, I was a bad, bunk-ish student. At It Online Hub, You can be assured of short breaks, interactive classes, cool trainers who’d help you around and provide you ‘individual doubt session’ of thirty minutes after every proper class. We help you visualize, connect and feel fiercely confident in the subject. Trust us on that! We offer classes as per your time schedule and flexibility. We hate norms and rules. We don’t follow the “One Hour Class- Ten Minute” Pattern. We don’t follow the trainer ‘blah-blah-blah’ approach. We coax students into questioning, trying out stuff, experimenting. We love the slide-show concept, big screen 70MM feel for we at It Online Hub believe visualizing and correlating to real-time worldly problems helps quick learning!

What do we offer?

Yeah, we know we sound like hippies; we don’t follow rules, norms. I think we should opt for ‘out-of-the-box’ methods strongly. We help you become professional, think hard of awesome solutions that help. We provide you that problem solving approach. We can help you with end-to-end stuff, how to behave the ‘corporate’ way, from functional docs, to MDD’s to , Technical Design Documents to enhance you ‘corporate’ thorough professional appeal.